LLC “DIAVER” was created in December 1999 by a group of professionals in the field of computers and computer technology on the basis of “Dialog-Version”, which was founded in February 1992.
Logo-DiaverYaht-old DIAVER company specializes in the development of automated information-analytical systems for various applications in organizations and enterprises of different forms of ownership and organizational structure levels. All work performed by the Company, are intended to improve the efficiency of information management processes to customers’ organizations to improve the quality of management decisions, to ensure operational management of enterprises and organizations of customers accurate and complete information about their activities.
Our company has extensive experience in the creation and implementation of information-analytical systems of varying degrees of difficulty and has a professional team for this system architects and methodologies, systems analysts, programmers and designers, which allows us to solve the challenges that confront our customers.

One-third of the company’s specialists have a degree or academic rank.
The high quality offered by our company projects based on the use of modern methods of systems analysis, describing the latest technologies and design of automated processes and modern approaches to the management of projects and progressive methods and programming tools.
For best results, the company creates development cooperation on the most important technological and application areas.

In our projects, actively cooperates with partner companies, having positive history of joint development.

To implement custom work actively involved leading experts of various companies in the profile of work